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¯ STOCKTON – Thomas A. Rossow, 60, of Sinclairville, was charged with intoxicated driving, driving a motor vehicle outside of the ignition lock restriction, law violation, and aggravating unlicensed driver while drunk. MPs responded to a two-car crash on Fenner Road in the city of Stockton at 5:54 p.m. on November 18. An investigation found that Rossow allegedly operated the vehicle while intoxicated. He is later due to appear before Stockton Town Court.

¯ STOCKTON – Jacob Frost, 18, of Cassadaga, was charged with drunk driving, DWI per se, and speed inadequate and prudent. MPs responded to a crash on Route 380 in the city of Stockton at 12:23 p.m. on November 19. An investigation found that Frost was drunk. He is later due to appear before Stockton Town Court.


¯ Rebecca Pratt, 31, of Jamestown, has been charged with possession of a counterfeit second degree instrument on three counts. The soldiers were contacted on November 16 by someone who had reported fraudulent activity on their bank account. An investigation found that three of the person’s checks for a total of $ 700 were made out to and cashed by Pratt. Pratt is later due to appear before North Harmony Town Court.

¯ FREDONIA – Austin Harrington, 25, of South Dayton, was charged with driving drunk. Soldiers stopped Harrington on Route 20 in Fredonia on November 19 for a traffic violation and were detained after allegedly failing sobriety tests. Harrington was taken to a police barracks, where he later provided a breath sample of 0.15%. Harrington is later due to appear before Pomfret Town Court.

¯ RANDOLPH – Jeremy Baker, 42, of Kennedy, was charged with drunk driving, gross driving. Soldiers received a report on a vehicle off Route 394 in Randolph on Sunday. Baker was taken into custody after allegedly failing multiple field sobriety tests and later providing a 0.19% breath sample. Baker is later due to appear before Randolph Town Court.


¯ Keith W. Wilson, 55, of Buffalo, was charged with driving drunk, driving over danger markings, and not stopping / standing / parking on the freeway. Officials stopped a vehicle on Hawley Street at 6:36 p.m. Saturday for a traffic violation. The driver and a passenger admitted having consumed alcohol. Wilson was transported to the police station after reportedly failing field sobriety tests. He was later released with tickets.

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