“Hope You Can Sleep Tonight”: Fresno residents are disappointed after the city council voted to redistribute the card recommendation

FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – Fresno City Council officials said Thursday evening that they designed a card based on public hearings and community members, but when the final vote on the card 111 recommendation came through, not everyone felt like it was she has been heard.

It was a decision that moved Fresno Resident Imelda Cruz to tears.

“I’m so sad and I’m so frustrated that I hope everything is different, not like that decision.”

A 6-0 vote to proceed with the recommendation to redistribute Map 111 is not what she or anyone else who attended today’s city council meeting was hoping for.

“I hope you can sleep tonight,” said Fresno resident Pedro Navarro. “The community showed up and really stood up for one card, two cards, but especially the one including the family card that we submitted.”

Navarro was one of the many Fresno residents who spoke to the council on Thursday evening regarding their card recommendation.

“My first thought was that it was the status quo and it is disappointing,” he said. “I’ve been doing this work for almost two years. I was the co-chair of the entire counting committee across the county that made sure blacks were counted in the census. To see that [map] be the recommendation, it was disappointing. ”

The council chambers were full, with much public comment from a variety of ethnic backgrounds; many with the same message share the same disappointment.

Fresno resident Naindeep Singh was another voice in the crowd who was disappointed with the councilor’s 6-0 vote.

“I understand that it is a difficult process that some of them shared. There is no such thing as a perfect map, I think the more you’ve listened to the public, the closer we get to that. ”

A city advisor commented on the time they had to draft a rough draft of the reallocation plans, saying it was about time and deadlines.

“I felt like they heard us, but I felt like they made up their minds before the meeting and we just didn’t matter,” said Navarro.

The deadline for the final Council vote on the redistribution card is December 15th.

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