Meet the urban farmer who gives back to West Sacramento

Alfred Melbourne owns and operates Three Sisters Garden, an indigenous non-profit organization that oversees four farms in West Sacramento.


National Farmers Day, October 12th is about honoring those who make the food of the nations, including urban farmers.

“There are many types of urban farms that aim to tackle food insecurity.” according to the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

Alfred Melbourne is an urban farmer who grows and distributes food for the West Sacramento community. Melbourne owns and operates Three sisters garden, a locally run nonprofit that oversees four farms in West Sacramento. In 2018 he founded the association.

Three Sisters Gardens at Broderick

“We’re giving them healthy, organic, nutrient-dense vegetables for free right here in a community where they are most needed,” Melbourne said. The farm produces a variety of products including broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, kale, kale, lettuce, sugar, and peas.

Today is the last day of a weekly Three Sisters Garden event called “Free farm stand,“A place for residents to get fresh produce. Lisa Ortiz, a West Sacramento resident, says she comes every Tuesday to pick up food from the booth.

“It’s great that they have this for people. I hope more people come out and support the farmers and understand the growth of the land and how blessed we are with that, ”Ortiz said.

This Tuesday will be our last free farm stand for the season, but stay tuned to learn more about our other ways …

Posted by Three Sisters Gardens of Broderick on Monday 11th Oct 2021

Not only does the organization focus on providing local produce to the community, but it also supports vulnerable youth by turning them into farmers.

“The youth in our church [have] over-criminalized so we had to create opportunities for [them]to do something positive, ”Melbourne said.

As successful as the business was, it was difficult to keep it going. According to the California Department of Food and Agriculture, not all farmers and ranchers have historically had access to the resources and information to run their farms successfully.

“When we talk about any of the challenges, we are talking about access to land, funding, [and] Resources, “said Melbourne. “There are a lot of scholarships coming out, but we don’t have any [the] technical help or know-how. ”He is currently financing the farm himself.

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