Modesto’s Flowery Marvels Star in the ‘Almond Blossom Cruise’ – NBC Bay Area

what to know

  • The Almond Blossom Cruise is a self-guided tour available for purchase
  • Visit Modesto has information on finding flowering trees, as well as local restaurants serving almond-themed specialties and stay-over packages, too
  • The fruit trees will start to hit their showy stride in early February

PERIOD NOVELS… often describe potential sweethearts as realizing their love, or at least their ardor and affection, when they enter some sort of bower situation. What the author has depicted is no mere set of trees, however; this bower is a thing of unearthly beauty, with branches absolutely festooned with all sorts of delicate blossoms. It’s a mental picture that seems as though it can only be found in a romantic fantasy, but sometimes, if we know where to go and when we can find trees absolutely bursting with novel-worthy flowers. And if you’re in and around Modesto in February, chances are good, as good as a period drama ending in a charming wedding, that you’ll behold the ethereal almond trees of the area.

THE ALMOND BLOSSOM CRUISE… is a popular pursuit around the region as winter comes to its not-so-cold conclusion, and Visit Modesto has ways to help visitors connect with the gorgeous orchard-based sights. There’s a downloadable audio tour that’s available for purchase, which will help flower fans as they set out on their self-guided adventure. Since the trees are mostly located on farms, they should be admired from the road. But should you want to go a bit deeper, the tourism team has tips on finding farm stands that might allow picnicking or even a quick stroll among the spectacular specimens.

A STAY OVER PACKAGE, as well as restaurant recommendations and other ways to enjoy the month-long season, can be found on the Almond Blossom Cruise site. It all begins around the beginning of the second month and concludes, give or take, about four to five weeks later. Your best bet? Keep an eye on the “petal-casting” talents of the Visit Modesto group to see when you should alight in one of the Central Valley’s most vibrant spots.

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