Rise in Fresno County monkeypox cases

FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Even with monkeypox vaccines now available in Fresno, the Fresno County Department of Public Health has reported a rise in cases.

Now Fresno County is reporting 31 cases in Fresno County, just as cases drop across the nation.
UCSF Fresno’s doctor Kenny Banh says the rise is moderate but notable. He says it’s hard to pin down a reason why they’re still going up but likely because the county didn’t get hit with cases as early as other parts of the state did.

“Many of those cases are just in the last week, so, unfortunately, I don’t think we’ve hit our peak regionally, at a state and federal level we have actually and they’re starting to come down from that,” Banh said. “We are now reporting cases that aren’t sexually transmitted, but through contact, through family members. They’ve been reported other places but now we’re starting to get some of that.”

He adds now with more vaccine supply, eligibility has expanded. Rather than only being available for men who have sex with men and sex workers, many health care workers and anyone with multiple sex partners or engaging in high-risk behavior are able to get vaccinated.

“Federal and state counts are coming down but we really need to be diligent in our region. We want to make sure we never ramp up and hit a crisis.”

You can get the vaccine for monkeypox at the UC Merced Fresno building on Shaw Avenue in Fresno.

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