Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce pandemic recovery

The Northgate Boulevard Business Recovery Program green lit in July seeks to pump resources into the historically Hispanic and underfunded area of ​​Natomas.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Sacramento City Councilmembers voted to allocate up to $2 million toward the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation as part of the city’s effort to prop up small business in Natomas.

Specifically, the overall $5 million effort approved in July focuses on the historically Hispanic area of ​​Northgate Boulevard and will be funded through the pandemic-era American Rescue Plan Act.

The Northgate Boulevard Business Recovery Program ultimately aims to improve traffic, lighting and more to support small businesses and the foot traffic they need to survive.

With the partnership of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation, the program is set to establish social services for small business owners in the area which include:

  • Outreach and case management services for businesses
  • Business development classes and assistance
  • Place-making and open space activations
  • Grants

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation President and CEO Cathy Rodriguez Aguirre said Tuesday the Northgate area has long been under resourced and underserved.

“When you see that contract, please know that it was the entire community coming together and saying, ‘This is what we want,'” she said. “It didn’t come from the Chamber; it came directly from the community.”

Aguirre also thanked Councilmember Jeff Harris for what she said was his championing of the area.

“Northgate has had almost no investment at all for the last 24 years,” Council member Jeff Harris said at Tuesday’s meeting. “So this is incredibly significant of what can be achieved.”

According to city officials, the funding would also help to establish a food truck plaza and help brick and mortar businesses there expand to Al-Fresco dining.

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