Southwest Airlines cancels more flights at Sacramento International Airport

(KTXL) — A day after Southwest Airlines canceled thousands of its flights across the United States, it continued to cancel more, including more than 80% of its scheduled flights at Sacramento International Airport.

As of 9:30 am on Tuesday, dozens of flights are canceled or late, with some departure flights from SMF showing that they are as much as around 40 hours late, according to a live log of flights to and from the airport.

New nonstop international flight coming to the Sacramento International Airport

In the airport terminal serviced by Southwest, dozens of unclaimed luggage bags could be seen corraled into one area, while at the same time some people arrived to claim theirs, but these were still not there, and likely were corraled at another airport.

“We have guys like me flying all over the country every day, and the airlines pushing back their schedules pushes back our schedules, it’s pretty rough,” Jeroen Smit said to FOX 40 News at the airport.

A mess of a situation here at @FlySMF with countless bags still sitting at the airport. Dozens of flights in and out of Sacramento International Airport already canceled this morning.

— Claudette Stefanian (@ClaudeStefanian) December 27, 2022

The flight cancellations affected airlines across the country starting even before Christmas because of a strong winter storm that primarily affected midwest states, but two days later, most airlines except Southwest seemed to start recovering.

On Tuesday, American, United, Delta and JetBlue had cancellation rates between none and 2%, while Southwest had rates of more than 60%, according to the Associated Press.

The company attributed the cancellations to flight crews and planes out of their assigned places due to the storm.

Terminals, gates and airlines: A guide to travelers heading to the Sacramento International Airport

The US Department of Transportation called Southwest’s cancellations “disproportionate and unacceptable,” and said that it would review whether the airline could have prevented the cancellations and if it was fulfilling its obligations to work with stranded customers.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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