Warm weather in Sacramento brings early summer fun

SACRAMENTO, Calif. Calif. (KTXL) — Many people had taken advantage of the 90 degree weather Saturday as they looked to local water ways to stay cool.

One of the main sites is along the American River near Discovery Park in Sacramento.

“It was fun… cold but fun,” said one person at the river. “I do a lot of yard work, so I don’t like the heat.”

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People enjoying the water were able to bring kayaks, paddleboards, jet skis and more.

While summer may officially be more than a month away, the temperature was above normal, getting many to flock to the nearest body of water.

“The water is nice and cold, and it cools you off. Then you can come out here in the sun and just have a good time,” said a man who went to American River to cool off with his son.

Safety officials are urging people to be careful in some areas because the snowpack is still melting. For more water safety tips click or tap here.

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