City of Fresno filling potholes ahead of more rain

FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE/KSEE) – Public works were out Wednesday, filling potholes in Fresno.

One of the areas they focused on was E McKinley Avenue.

Crews are trying to make those roads as safe as they can be, with inches of rain ahead.

“Right now, we’re using this break between the storms to get prepared for the next series of storms as well as get prepared for the next series of storms,” ​​said Brian Russell, Assistant Director of Fresno City Public Works.

Crews were driving along the streets of Fresno, shoveling as much of the asphalt patch as they could to fill the road.

Crews have already patched thousands of potholes.

“It’s in the thousands, I’d really have to take a guess into how many they’ve filled. One street can have dozens and dozens on it and it’s just city-wide,” said Russell.

“Oh yeah and you heard that right there, and they’re all over I just one the other day just around the corner from here,” said Luke Matthews, a neighbor who was speaking with us as soon as a car hit a pothole.

People who live near the potholes say despite the city’s best efforts, they remain.

“There’s one that I hit the other day, it’s been patch jobbed a few times. They’re temp fixes not solutions,” said Matthews.

Solutions, however, may take longer. With only so many workers covering over 1,800 miles of road in the city, and just a couple of days before the next major storm.

“We rely on the public to let us know where we’re at. With such a large network of roads, we can’t expect it on a daily basis,” said Russell.

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