City of Modesto braces for incoming storm, potential flood

Modesto braces for incoming storm

Modesto braces for incoming storm


MODESTO — The Central Valley is bracing for an incoming storm, including in Modesto where the city is preparing for a potential flood.

But why is the Central Valley vulnerable to flooding and what’s being done to prevent it?

Paul Quillin and Noah Postley work for the downtown partnership. They’re responsible for Modesto holiday decorations and keeping downtown clean, but flood prevention is priority number one.

“We clear out the drains. We try to keep all the gutters clear of leaves,” Quillin said.

It’s a job more important than ever with rain on its way to the Central Valley, an area vulnerable to flooding.

“A lot of times, [a gutter] will just be completely covered so water is not able to come and drain through the gutter. I’ve been with[Quillin}myhandshoulderdeepinadrainpullingstuffoutjusttomakesurethewaterisgoingthrough”Postleysaid[Quillin}myhandshoulderdeepinadrainpullingstuffoutjusttomakesurethewaterisgoingthrough”Postleysaid

After the Central Valley proved to be prone to flood disasters, the area’s flood protection board approved a plan that allocates $35 billion over the next 30 years to fix infrastructure, restore floodplains, and implement emergency plans.

“I’ve lived in Modesto kind of my whole life. We’ve been known to flood,” said Modesto resident Aubrie Zakariassen.

The city is stepping in to help residents with free sandbag service near the Modesto Corporation Yard.

The City of Modesto sent out phone numbers on social media this week so residents can make a call if they need assistance.

  • City Tree emergencies: (209) 342-2253
  • Street Flooding or Clogged Storm Drains: (209) 577-6200
  • Traffic Signal and/or Street Light outages: (209) 342-2297
  • Downed Power Lines and Electrical Outages: (209) 526-8222 or (888) 997-8222

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