Craig School of Business offers data analytics workshops

The Craig School of Business will offer two data analytics workshops on october 28 and Nov 4 that will help professionals in any industry learn how to make more effective data-driven decisions. The workshops will take place from 8:30 am to 1 pm on both days, on Zoom and in person in the Peters BuildingRoom 133. Members of the public and Fresno State students, alumni, faculty and staff are encouraged to attend.

Part 1, “Introductory Tools and Techniques” (Oct. 28), is designed for beginners and will introduce tools and applications to create visualizations and data dashboards while building pragmatic solutions to common business problems.

Part 2, “Advanced Tools and Techniques” (Nov. 4), is designed for intermediate to advanced users and will include advanced data manipulation techniques, implementation of statistical procedures, and predictive and prescriptive analytics for business solutions.

Both workshops will teach concepts of data analytics that are useful in many industries, including agriculture, food processing, manufacturing, real estate, banking, education, healthcare, transportation, government and more.

The instructor for the workshops, Dr. Yertai Tanai is an assistant professor in the Department of Information Systems and Decision Sciences. Tanai has extensive expertise in analytical and empirical modelling, optimization, simulation, data mining and forecasting.

The price for Part 1 is $125 and the price for Part 2 is $150. The combined price for both workshops is $250. Fresno State students, alumni, faculty and staff receive a $25 discount. Seating is limited, and participants are required to preregister.

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