Freezing and near freezing temperatures felt across the Sacramento Valley

(KTXL) — In what was predicted to be a cold morning by the National Weather Service, the Sacramento Valley recorded freezing and near freezing temperatures on Wednesday morning.

On Friday the NWS predicted that a cold weather system could drop temperatures as low as 28 degrees on Tuesday night.

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Although temperatures did not drop that low in the Sacramento area, some communities did see freezing and near freezing temperatures Wednesday morning.

In Sacramento County the lowest recorded temperature was 32 degrees near the Hood area and Galt had the second lowest recorded temperature of 33 degrees.

Temperatures in the City of Sacramento were slightly warmer with a temperature of 37 degrees.

In San Joaquin County, temperatures were similar to that of Sacramento County with Stockton showing 36 degrees and Modesto at 37 degrees.

Roseville and Rocklin in Southern Placer County both recorded temperatures of 32 degrees, which were some of the coldest temperatures in the county before reaching Lake Tahoe.

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The coldest recorded temperature in the Sacramento Valley was north of Red Bluff in rural Tehama County with a temperature of 27 degrees.

The NWS said that by Wednesday evening the majority of this cold weather system is expected to move out of the valley.

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