Fresno crews dealing with rise in fires this summer

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — Summer heat adds to the stress of fighting fires within city limits.

The Fresno Fire Department is responding to more incidents than this time last year.

Just in the last three days there have been 50 fires within city limits.

With hot weather like this, more firefighters are needed to spare crews from heat exhaustion.

Additional firefighters are required on each incident to give crews more frequent breaks because of the scorching temperatures.

Officials said when it gets hotter, they need more firefighters to get the job done. This is because the specialized gear that they wear, meant to keep firefighters safe from heat. also keeps that heat that their body generates inside. It doesn’t allow that heat to escape.

Several firefighters have been treated for heat exhaustion in the past few days.

This means sitting out from the firefight in the shade. Cold water and towels, and specialized air conditioners are used to cool firefighters down more quickly

A city FAX bus was used to keep crews cool in the A/C on the hot day.

The department says an advantage this summer is that there are more hands on deck.

About a dozen or so more firefighters have been added to the department with another drill school class on the way.

In addition to fighting more fire this summer, the fire department also has 18 firefighters helping out on the Oak and Washburn fires.

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