How PG&E is prepping for this week’s storm and warning Central Valley residents

Fresno, Calif. (KFSN) — PG&E is preparing for this next storm as we head into this week. The utility company is getting help from crews from out of the state, making their way to Fresno to help.

“We’re bringing in that extra help just cause of the sheer volume that has occurred through the series of storms,” ​​said Denny Boyles, a spokesperson for PG&E.

He says the storm is expected to impact most of California, the Central Valley is no exception.

“You should be taking the steps now so that you have a plan and if you and your family needs to leave because of flooding,” said Boyles.

Supplies like charged phone batteries and a full take of gas are great ways to keep your family safe during this storm.

Vashal Arya have lived in their Fresno home for about four years. For the last three nights, he has been making sure water from the rain fall flows properly, so his house doesn’t flood. Although it hasn’t touched their home, they are not taking any chances.

“This time it feels like if we don’t start to drain it properly, it might,” said Arya

Another big message from PG&E is to update your contact information online so if there’s an emergency, you’ll be alerted.

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