How to keep yourself safe during this year’s holiday shopping

TULARE, Calif. (KFSN) — Black Friday shopping kicked off before sunrise, and we’ve seen people shopping at the Tulare Outlets, Visalia Mall, and several other stores all day.

To help keep people safe, patrol units were spotted in busy areas, but officials say there is more you can do to protect yourself and your belongings.

“Last year was more hectic, this year, we stood in line for a few minutes and got what we needed, and we are heading to the house,” shopper Bill Keck said.

Keck and his wife made their way to the Tulare Outlet on Black Friday to shop for some deals and prepare for Christmas.

Like them, hundreds more were out searching for a bargain.

Tulare Outlet Marketing Manager Madalyn Souza says the outlets were busy as soon as the doors opened at 6 am.

“It’s great to see people out and about and enjoying the Christmas tradition of Black Friday Shopping!” Souza said.

The Visalia Mall and Big Box stores were also flooded with people throughout the South Valley.

Keck says he noticed constant patrol units…making him feel safe.

“This place is loaded with CHP, security. If my mom was still alive I would let her come here. Everything is beautiful this year,” Souza said.

The Tulare Police Department told action news they increased patrol units monitoring business districts.

They also want to remind shoppers to lock their cars, place items in their trunks, and keep a close eye on their surroundings.

And if you plan to shop late at night, you are advised to be in groups and park in well-lit areas.

“At the outlets, we have 24/7 security here so it’s great for shoppers to feel safe,” Souza said. “And we have a great relationship with Tulare Police Department… making sure everything is good and no one has a spoiled Christmas.”

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