Modesto and Vallejo doctor’s helped save a woman’s life while on vacation in Hawaii

MODESTO — Two California doctors helped save a woman’s life after she nearly drowned in Hawaii.

both dr Nathan Stuempfig, who works in the emergency room at Kaiser Modesto, and Dr. Nicole Loeffler-Siu, who works in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit at Kaiser Vallejo, was on vacation at the same time when they suddenly heard screams for help.

“I kinda looked out into other water and saw a couple of lifeguards just running this lifeless body back to the beach,” said Dr. dull.

A 58-year-old woman went underwater while swimming and did not resurface.

dr Stuempfig believes that she may have had a seizure, stroke, or heart attack, causing her not to have a pulse when she was brought back to the beach.

The doctor’s performed CPR on the woman, and within minutes she was breathing again.

When asked if he was able to speak with the woman, Dr. Stuemphif said, “I would love to have an update. I was able to speak with the family, but everything happened so quickly. They went to go be with their loved one, and I never got an update about what happened to her.”

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