Mother speaks out about murder of pregnant daughter in Northwest Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — A Northwest Fresno mother is grieving the loss of her entire family after her son was charged with the horrific murder of his own sister.

41-year-old Aaron Dudley faces two counts of murder in the death of his sister, 26-year-old N’Kya Logan, and her unborn baby.

“Sometimes, it feels like a dream. You just want to wake up and everything is okay, and she’s right there, but she’s not,” said Donna Barkus, mother of N’Kya.

Barkus remembers frantically looking for her daughter when she got home from work on Tuesday.

“Where’s my daughter? Why isn’t she answering the phone? It’s getting dark. It is dark. And she’s not home, she’s eight months pregnant, she’s not answering,” recalled Barkus.

Detectives believe Dudley stabbed Logan and her unborn child numerous times.

They say he then put her body in a trash can and set it on fire.

Barkus said she is still in shock and is barely able to function.

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She says she could never have imagined her son doing such a thing.

“That was my son, the actions were not him. I loved him, I did not love his actions. I love my daughter. It’s a hard situation for any mother to have to go through,” said Barkus.

Just last Sunday, the family threw N’Kya a baby shower with a blue theme for her son, who was going to be named Noah.

“She was a beautiful spirit. She loved her friends and family, she loved God,” Barkus said.

Barkus said N’Kya loved dancing and she had just completed the early childhood education program at Fresno City College to become a teacher’s assistant.

I always taught her about having goals, not to give up,” Barkus said. “Be strong and never give up and you will succeed and that’s how she lived her life.”

Barkus is taking it one day at time, always remembering her sweet girl and future grandson.’

“With God’s help and prayer…and the strength of my family, I’m sure I’ll survive,” said Barkus.

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