Raising awareness for AAPI community following Monterey Park shooting

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — The Asian American community has faced an increase in hate crimes in recent years, but for Brenda Manyvanh, a student leader at Fresno State, shares why hearing the suspect is an Asian male doesn’t make this violence any less painful.

“It definitely took me by shock this morning,” said Manyvanh.

She was horrified to hear about a mass shooting involving Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community and taken back when the suspect was identified as an Asian American man.

“It hurts to see that it was one of our own peers, one of our siblings, going against our community,” said Manyvanh

She hopes to continue to be a voice for the community. Manyvanh was recently pictured raising awareness at a recent rally.

“I feel like society has really generalized the AAPI community,” said Manyvanh.

She said Asian Americans get labeled as model minorities- an umbrella term that shields some of the struggles the AAPI community faces. Manyvanh said it’s important for lawmakers and other leaders to understand the complexities that exist within the community to best support and protect Asian Americans.

“Having policies tailored toward the community they’re aiming for,” “We really have to look at the issues from different standpoints,” said Manyvanh.

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