Sacramento economy boost acts as silver lining after Niners loss to the Eagles

SACRAMENTO — 49er fans were out in full force for the NFC Championship against the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday afternoon; sadly, it didn’t go as they had hoped.

The Niners were knocked out of the playoffs in a heartbreaking 31-7 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

“Oh, it’s soul-crushing. I did get teary-eyed,” said 49er fan Sarah Stallins.

Fans say that Super Bowl dreams were crushed somewhat early on in the game.

“Once Purdy went down, we didn’t really have a chance,” said 49er fan Kelly Davis about Brock Purdy’s elbow injury that happened on their sixth offensive snap.

“If Jalen Hurts got hurt, it was done; they’d be done equally,” said fan Oscar Cortez.

But a loss for the Niners has a bright side; it is still a win for local businesses, the hubs of fan support and watch parties all season long.

“AFC and NFC championship weekend is the biggest weekend of the year for football. So this is kind of the Super Bowl of going out to watch football for local establishments,” said Bobby Griffith, owner of Clubhouse 56, where it was standing room only during Sunday’s game.

While Niner nation was heavy, places like Clubhouse 56 will also stay busy during the AFC championship game as people like local Kansas City Chiefs fan Brian Kirn make the rounds.

“We’ll be out bouncing around seeing where a fun place, a fun vibe is gonna be,” said Kirn.

Down the road, Stoney’s Rockin’ Rodeo put the ‘party’ in watch party Sunday, hosting dozens and keeping spirits high.

“I’ve been a Niner fan since 1986. I’m happy to be a part of the 49er faithful,” Sammy Styles said.

Local spots stay in the spotlight until the stadium lights shut off for the season.

“When football goes away, there’s a bit of a downturn until we get into March Madness,” said Griffith.

Business owners and fans are already looking ahead to next year to keep Super Bowl dreams alive.

“I hope Purdy comes back as our number one quarterback and takes us all the way,” said Davis.

“I’m just proud,” said Stallins. “I’m proud that we made it this far.”

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