Sacramento tries to recover from winter storm series

Thousands of SMUD and PG&E customers remain without power as crews work overnight to restore service

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — As thousands of SMUD and PG&E customers remain without power in the Sacramento area, crews have been working overnight to restore service.

Across the region, heavy winds and soaked soil resulted in large trees crashing into homes, businesses, vehicles and power lines. It could take days to remove them.

“We’re super busy right now,” said Max Echols, who owns the Citrus Heights-based tree service company Tree Max. His seven-man crew worked Monday night to remove a large pine tree that fell over in the Little Pocket neighborhood.

The tree crashed onto one neighbor’s car, while its roots ripped up the water line servicing Paulette Erfert’s home.

“If it had fallen the other way, I probably wouldn’t be talking to you today,” said Erfert. With city and county resources stretched thin, she called the contractors to help.

“They’re making their presence known, and it’s kind of like ‘Yay! It’s kind of like, the cavalry’s come!'” said Erfert.

Down the street, Luke Nishamura noticed a live wire in his back yard.

“It really popped, like an explosion,” said Nishamura. “I feel really guilty because it’s my tree that fell down, cut the line and all my neighbors are out of power.”

SMUD says there are more than 100 teams working to restore power, with other utility companies assisting. Still without power or water service, Erfert was taking the situation in stride.

“I’ll tell you. We were so thankful. We were so thankful, because it didn’t hurt anyone,” Erfert said.

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