Stockton slap! Nate Diaz hits media member backstage at UFC 276 (video)

Nate Diaz was taking in the action at UFC 276 last night. And at the event the ever-popular fighter found a chance to send a message to a reporter who seemed to have rubbed him the wrong way.

Video captured the moment someone called OG from Full Send MMA (a network operated by a group of influencers known as the NELK boys — the ones Dana White really likes) sidled up to Diaz to ask him a question. It didn’t go well for OG.

“Stockton’s Finest, Nate Diaz he’s coming to check out Suga Sean, right?” he said.

Diaz responded by bending over and speaking into the guy’s ear, stating: “Nah, you better watch your tweets about my dude who fought recently.”

“Oh, I know,” responded the reporter. But as soon as he did Diaz slapped at his microphone. Diaz then followed up by swiping the hat off of OG’s head. Check it out below.

The Diaz brothers are well-known for the so-called ‘Stockton slap’, which we have seen thrown in actual UFC fights. The most famous slap, though, has to be the one Diaz delivered to Dana White (in glorious slo-mo).

Diaz last fought in June, 2021 — dropping an unanimous decision to current UFC welterweight title challenger Leon Edwards. That was his first fight since 2019’s loss (due to a cut) versus Jorge Masvidal.

Diaz has only fought five times in the last six years. Over that span he went 1-1 with Conor McGregor and beat Anthony Pettis.

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