Tyrese Haliburton on Sacramento: ‘My feeling towards the organization and the fans are completely different’

Pritchard conceded, that the rebuild is going to take some time, and he’s right. There are no shortcuts, especially for a small-market franchise that isn’t a destination for big-time free agents. The Pacers aren’t asking anybody to be patient through some kind of midwestern version of The Process, but last year’s trade for Tyrese Haliburton and this week’s draft of Mathurin, Nembhard and Brown, are a hopeful beginning. “One of the things I’m absolutely convinced of, these three young men will be a part of this organization for a long time,” Pritchard said. “We wanted to get more athletic, more dynamic and bring some intelligence. All three demonstrated that athleticism and drive to win. The one common denominator is, they all love to play.” -via The Athletic / June 27, 2022

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