Utah Jazz Great John Stockton Takes Opposite Vaccination Approach As Miami Heat

The moment a vaccine was founded to fight against Covid-19 the Miami Heat were among the first teams to support it.

An NBA Hall of Famer recently said he was against the vaccine. Former Utah Jazz guard John Stockton feels the vaccine has led to the death of thousands of athletes according to recent interview with DNP-CD Sports Podcast.

“You have a lot of supporters Kyrie. Not all them of can get to you, and you can’t get to all of them, but there’s every bit a majority out there that’s sitting there pulling for you. They’re just not quite as bold as he is. I’m proud of him as an individual to take that kind of individual risk and be that bold for what you feel is right.” I have such great respect for Kyrie Irving for stepping up like that. He’s right in the mix of it, he has a tremendous amount to lose in endorsements. I salute him.”

The Heat are in Utah tonight to face Jazz in the second of their five-game road trip.


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