What’s new at the 2022 Big Fresno Fair

Fresno, Calif. (KFSN) — The biggest fall event in the Central Valley just kicked off with your old favorites and some brand-new attractions.

“There’s always something new,” says Big Fresno Fair CEO Lauri King. “We want people to come out and say, ‘I’ve never seen anything like that before.'”

At our first stop, we’ll take you into the New Xpogo stunts, where guys will be jumping on air-powered pogo sticks.

“The coolest thing we’re going to see is dudes jumping over 10 feet in the air on pogo sticks, doing front flips, back-flips,” says Wesley Gadsden.

We then head over to the popular Livin’ Local Marketplace.

This year, there are double the number of hometown vendors.

You can pick up everything from food, like brisket beef jerky and freeze-dried candy, to specialty handmade dresses.

It’s Casey Hansen’s first time as a vendor at the fair.

She says the market helps many small businesses still recovering from the pandemic.

“There’s a lot of really amazing vendors this year that have some amazing products that you will not find anywhere else other than here in our building,” she said.

For $15, you can ride a camel!

Plus, you can take your own picture free of charge or pay $15 for a printed souvenir pic.

If the camels are not enough of a tour around the world, then there’s also the new Tanzanite African Acrobats with their spectacularly choreographed routines.

Of course, there are still your old favorites, including the carnival rides.

The Delicious Food Truck Alley is at the end of the fairgrounds by the Butler gate.

There’s also the Comic-Con style exhibit in the “Pop! Culture Experience” building featuring Esports, video games and the Mario Kart Live Augmented Reality.

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