China Peak turns people away due to lack of parking

SHAVER LAKE, Calif. (KFSN) — The weather today drew huge crowds to the mountains, forcing China Peak to turn away hundreds of people.

China Peak shared with me how this was a perfect storm after all the rain and snowfall we experienced the last several weeks.

“You’re talking about absolutely perfect skiing and riding conditions, and absolutely perfect weather with absolutely everything open,” said China Peak Mountain Resort General Manager, Tim Cohee.

Hundreds of people made their way up the mountain Saturday to take advantage of the gorgeous conditions at China Peak.

Cars were turned around due to the lack of parking.

Cohee said running out of space to park is very rare, only happening around every three to four years.

“You have the demand to come up here and it exceeds our ability to park, uh, so we ran out of parking,” said Cohee.

Kingsburg resident Scott Maurer was one of the lucky ones who was able to secure a parking space just as the China Peak was opening.

He says he has been coming up here for about 30 years now and has never seen it this packed.

“It was definitely a busy one. On the way back we saw a ton of cars parked along the highway. More cars than I’ve probably ever seen up there ever,” said Maurer.

But parking was the least of Maurer’s concerns today. He says people should be watching out for potentially dangerous road conditions.

“It’s crazy up here. I’ve seen lots of accidents right in front of me, almost been involved in accidents cause people drive crazy up here. You know, just be safe, slow down, give yourself some time, it’s wild,” said Maurer.

If you are heading up in the future, remember you’re required to bring chains with you in your car.

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