EG Planning Commission supports digital billboard for East Stockton Blvd. | news

The Elk Grove Planning Commission on Jan. 5 recommended that the City Council support a plan for the removal of three existing billboards and the installation of a two-sided, digital billboard next to the Cosumnes Community Services District (CSD) Fire Department headquarters at 10551 East Stockton Blvd.

Both sides of the new, V-shaped billboard would have a digital display, and the sign would face East Stockton Boulevard and the adjacent Highway 99.

The billboards that would be removed are located at East Stockton Boulevard and Elk Grove-Florin Road, just south of Elk Grove Regional Park; at the Grant Line Road railroad crossing, near the Suburban Propane tanks; and along East Stockton Boulevard, north of Grant Line Road.

The applicant for this project is Outfront Media, LLC, of ​​Sacramento, and the proposed agreement for the demolition of the three billboards and the construction of the new billboard is between Outfront Media, the city of Elk Grove, and the CSD.

Outfront Media would demolish the three existing billboards, which totaled 1,536 square feet.

If approved by the Elk Grove City Council, the demolition would be required to begin within 15 days of the completion of the construction of the new, 1,344-square-foot billboard. The demolition would be required to be completed within the following 45 days.

It would also be required that the light levels of the new billboard be limited to 0.3 footcandles at a distance of 250 feet. Outfront Media has agreed to take measures to assure that the sign would not become a lighting nuisance.

Images of the proposed, new billboard would not change more than one image every eight seconds, which is standard for such signs.

Per the agreement, the new billboard would not exceed 68 feet in height, and any support structure for the sign would not exceed 80 feet. Those dimensions are modeled after the existing, digital display billboard at the Elk Grove Auto Mall.

Each of the digital signs on the proposed new billboard are limited to no larger than 14 feet by 48 feet.

Antonio Ablog, the city’s planning manager, told the commission during the Jan. 5 meeting that while this billboard relocation agreement is the first such agreement proposed during the city’s history, relocation agreements are fairly common for new, digital billboards within the Sacramento region.

Ablog mentioned that the city’s staff determined that there are only two or three other legal billboards within the city that could be relocated and combined into one billboard in the future. He said that each of those billboards are 30 years old or older.

Given that there is only one possible future relocation agreement for billboards in Elk Grove, the city’s staff decided not to propose an “umbrella development standard” for the size and operational characteristics of a relocated billboard, Ablog noted.

Any billboard relocation agreement in Elk Grove is required to obtain final approval by the City Council.

During the commission’s deliberation regarding the proposed billboard relocation agreement, Commissioner Suman Singha expressed his support for the location of the proposed, new billboard.

“Although electronic billboards may not be suitable for all locations, I think this billboard, given its location, I think works exceedingly well, and moreover the fact that the three billboards are being taken out and replacement for this (new sign), and finally the fact that 11% of the clicks are going to be for public service announcements,” he said.

Vice Chair Sandra Poole added that she would be interested in learning how the city and the CSD would divide the 11% public service announcement usage.

“If this goes forward, I’m assuming there will be some kind of (memorandum of understanding) put in place,” she said.

Chair George Murphey noted that he agrees with Singha that the reduction in the number of billboards through the agreement would “reduce visual clutter.”

“I think that’s one of the benefits of this project,” he said.

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