Fresno Police respond to reports of shots fired at River Park

Fresno, Calif. (KFSN) — The Fresno Police Department is investigating reports of shots fired at River Park in North Fresno.

Officials say they received reports of a shooting near the Famous Footwear around 8:15 pm Saturday.

Officers arrived within three minutes to secure the scene but the shooter had already taken off.

Detectives are calling this an isolated incident adding there was no active shooter situation.

They say two groups were involved in some kind of altercation when a man in one of the groups fired at least two to three rounds.

No gunshot victims were reported but a nearby parked car was hit by gunfire.

Detectives say in addition to witness statements, they are poring through surveillance footage.

They’re calling on the public to come forward with any additional information.

The shooter faces several charges including assault with a deadly weapon and negligent discharging of a firearm.

Fresno police are adding patrols to the River Park area and are assuring shoppers it is safe to return.

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