Jim Costa helps secure over $1 million for mental health services in Valley

Fresno, Calif. (KFSN) — The tragedy in Monterey Park comes as there’s a push for more mental health resources, especially in minority and low income communities.

Congressman Jim Costa was in Southeast Fresno Monday morning to highlight the $1.5 million in federal funding that will support mental health services in Central California.

“This is critical and it’s long overdue.” Costa said.

It comes just days after a gunman in Southern California fired into a dance studio killing 11 people and injuring nine others, in a predominately Asian community.

Costa says while the suspect’s motive is unknown, it shows that mental health services are critical.

“It’s about time that we recognize it and provide the sort of mental health care that is so necessary and missing in so many communities.” Costa said.

The federal grant is going to The Fresno Center Adult Day Care Center.

It provides transportation, mental health services, occupational therapy, physical therapy and a safe space for adults who need help.

It’s based in Southeast Fresno where many of the clients are immigrants and refugees.

La Xiong Yang shared the impact the center had on her.

She said she’s an orphan and feels like she wouldn’t have survived without the center.

Pao Yang, the CEO of The Fresno Center says the funding will allow them to expand their reach.

“Those of us that are providing direct services, we need the resources so that we can provide accurate, culturally and competent services to the folks that are needing the help.” Yang said.

The funding will go toward new wheelchair accessible vehicles, facility upgrades and will ensure services remain free for the clients who are almost all Medi-Cal recipients.

“Everything is client centered and that’s what that funding is going to be used for,” Yang said.

The CEO says they always need more funding.

They hope other organizations and philanthropists will see the work they’re doing and get involved.

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