Keeping your heating systems working amid cold temperatures

Fresno, Calif. (KFSN) — Our recent cold snap has many local companies hard at work trying to keep heating systems running properly.

“I’m up business because it did get cold, people finally turned on their heaters and realized it’s not coming on,” says Specialized Heating and Air owner Tazman Gray.

Early Tuesday, crew members installed a new unit at an apartment complex in Central Fresno.

Gray says he’s been so busy as of late that this was the earliest he could fix the issue after getting a call from the landlord that the heating system was out over the holiday weekend.

Gray says he does his best not to make customers wait more than a day despite the challenge of keeping up with all the recent demands.

“The pandemic hasn’t really impacted my business,” he said. “We’ve been busier than ever. We’re just trying to keep up with everybody.”

Gray says there are things you can do to keep your system working properly

“The biggest thing is your air filter — make sure it’s clean because if it’s dirty, it can cause issues with the unit,” he said. “It also makes the unit work harder. Especially with the newer units that we’re installing in California, we have to sell ultra-low nox heaters and air flow is a major factor in that.”

Along with changing out your air filter, Gray recommends getting a plan to get your heating and air unit maintained twice a year in the fall and spring, which could save you some cash on costly repairs in the winter and summer.

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