Listen: Derin Stockton on Motocross Training, Working with Tedesco & More

Fly Racing’s 2022 line continues to push the boundaries of innovation and style. The all-new Formula CP helmet offers RHEON technology at an eye-popping price. Improvements extend to the EVO and Kinetic lines of gear, following last year’s revolutionary changes to the Lite line. With the market leading Formula helmet revolutionizing brain protection and Zone Pro goggle making its podium debut this year, things have never looked brighter for Fly Racing. Check out the new line at and @FLYRACINGUSA on social media.

On this episode of the Fly Racing Racer X Podcast, I call up one of the biggest trainers in the sport, Derin Stockton, to talk about his work with Seth Hammaker and others now, his rise in the sport with Ivan Tedesco, his past work with Jason Anderson, Garrett Marchbanks, training in general, PED’s in the sport, the move from 80’s to 250F’s, and more.

Listen to the Stockton podcast file directly or get it from Stitcher, the PulpMX App, or your local podcast player.

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