Live updates, scores from first round

End 1Q Strafford 21 Aurora 18

A fun game? Strafford has been led by Cody Voysey’s outside shooting but it is playing this game without star player AK Rael.

Final Camdenton 56 Mount Vernon 44

Balanced scoring attack for the Lakers in a game that was a bigger blowout than what the final score indicated.

Final Greenwood 65 Willow Springs 44

Nick Burri finished the game with 29 points while making four 3’s. Collin Clark scored 17 points. Hard to imagine a better duo in the Ozarks right now.

End 3Q Camdenton 47 Mount Vernon 27

End 3Q Greenwood 50 Willow Springs 32

The most exciting play of the second session of basketball tonight was a half-court shot at the buzzer by Willow Springs to bring the game within 18.

Halftime Camdenton 30 Mount Vernon 18

Halftime Greenwood 33 Willow Springs 15

Another three-point quarter for a non-seeded team. Greenwood looks awesome.

End 1Q Greenwood 19 Willow Springs 12

Bears knocked down a few 3’s to make it respectable.

1Q 5:14 Greenwood 11 Willow Springs 0

Knew Greenwood was good but didn’t think it was this overwhelming. Sophomore Collin Clark is legit.

Final Republic 74 Stockton 32

Final Logan Rogersville 57 Ava 21

Let’s just forget that both of those two-seed games happened. This was a one-point game at the end of the first quarter.

End 3Q Logan Rogersville 50 Ava 19

Both two-seeds are playing like one-seeds. Each held opposing offenses to three points in a quarter today.

Halftime Logan Rogersville 30 Ava 16

Wildcats found their rhythm and they’re playing much better. It’s been a lot of Curry Sutherland in this contest.

End 1Q Republic 24 Stockton 3

woof switching gyms. That’s as deep of a Republic team as I’ve seen in my six years covering the area. The Tigers better end up in a championship game.

End 1Q Logan Rogersville 11 Ava 9

1Q 5:13 Republic 10 Stockton 0

The Tigers are good.

Final Hillcrest 60, Spokane 47

Hornets cruise to a win behind sophomore Taner Hicks’ 15 points and senior Braxton Baker’s 12.

Final Lebanon 51 Willard 46

Wyatt Carr made the go-ahead 3-pointer with just under a minute to go. Yellowjackets hit a few free throws down the stretch for their first Blue and Gold first-round win since 2010.

Carr scored 20 points for Lebanon including seven in the fourth quarter.

4Q 0:28 Lebanon 48 Willard 46

4Q 4:23 Lebanon 44 Willard 44

Switched gyms for what is looking like a fun one.

End 3Q Hillcrest 42 Spokane 31

Hornets are in control of this one but the Owls hit a 3 at the buzzer to cut the game to single digits.

End 3Q Willard 42 Lebanon 40

Jackets narrow the gap heading into what should be a fun fourth quarter.

Halftime Hillcrest 33 Spokane 16

Halftime Willard 30 Lebanon 21

Tigers close the half on an 11-2 run after Lebanon tied the game.

2Q 6:16 Hillcrest 20 Spokane 8

Quick run for the Hornets after a few Owl turnovers.

2Q 7:32 Hillcrest 13 Spokane 8

End 1Q Willard 19 Lebanon 14


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Blue Division results

  • No. 8 Ash Grove 67, Skyline 40
  • No. 1 Bolivar 49, Catholic 30
  • F/OT No. 5 Sparta 64, Mountain Grove 60
  • No. 4 Ozark 52, Reeds Spring 34
  • 5 pm — No. 7 Hillcrest vs Spokane
  • 6:30pm — No. 2 Republic vs Stockton
  • 8 pm — No. 6 Camdenton vs Mount Vernon
  • 9:30pm — No. 3 Hartville vs Buffalo

Gold Division results

  • No. 8 Marshfield 53, West Plains 49
  • No. 1 Nixa 86, Clever 39
  • No. 5 Fair Grove 69, Crane 47
  • No. 4 Parkview 59, Branson 36
  • 5 pm — No. 7 Lebanon vs Willard
  • 6:30pm — No. 2 Logan Rogersville vs Ava
  • 8 pm — No. 6 Greenwood vs Willow Springs
  • 9:30pm — No. 3 Strafford vs Aurora

Final Ozark 52 Reeds Spring 34

Jace Whatley and Hudson Roberts each scored 10 in the Tigers’ win over the Wolves.

Final Parkview 59 Branson 36

Dassiah Green scored 12 for the Vikings with Elias Govan scoring 10 in Parkview’s win.

End 3Q Parkview 48 Branson 32

Vikings appear to be on their way to their first comfortable win of the season. The Vikings started the year 0-5 with four losses within three points or fewer. They should be winners of three straight heading into tomorrow’s quarterfinals.

Halftime Parkview 28 Branson 17

End 1Q Parkview 14 Branson 5

Elias Govan is going to be one of the best players in the Ozarks by the end of the year.

F/OT Sparta 64 Mountain Grove 60

Sparta survives an overtime thriller. Great ball control in the final minutes of overtime.

The Trojans were led by Steven Brown’s 20 points along with Jacob Lafferty’s 15.

OT 0:08 Sparta 62 Mountain Grove 60

Sparta to the line.

OT 1:28 Sparta 60 Mountain Grove 56

Final Fair Grove 69 Crane 47

End of regulation Sparta 56 Mountain Grove 56

Sparta gets two pretty good looks right before the buzzer and misses them both.

4Q 0:30 Sparta 56 Mountain Grove 56

4Q 3:25 Sparta 51 Mountain Grove 50

4Q 6:45 Sparta 44 Mountain Grove 42

End 3Q Fair Grove 49 Crane 32

We’re switching gyms.

Halftime Sparta 30 Mountain Grove 25

Halftime Fair Grove 40 Crane 17

Another blowout in Great Southern Bank Arena. Spensar Seiger scored 12 points for the Eagles.

12 seas

End 1Q Fair Grove 19 Crane 6

Final Bolivar 49 Catholic 30

Kyle Pock finished with a game-high 16 points.

Final Nixa 86 Clever 39

Corey Kemp led the way for the Eagles with 15 points. Devon Kemp scored 13 with Garrett Hines adding 12.

End 3Q Bolivar 39 Catholic 18

The Liberators hold the Irish to four points out of halftime.

End 3Q Nixa 76 Clever 27

Halftime Nixa 62 Clever 22

Nixa made 13 shots from beyond the arc in the first half. whoa Four Eagles are in double digits including Corey Kemp, Devon Kemp, Garrett Hines and Carsten Seitz.

Halftime Bolívar 24 Catholic 14

Irish kept it close for most of the second quarter and even had the game within a point. Liberators go on a nice run before halftime to extend their lead up to 10. Kyle Pock is doing Kyle Pock things.

Mid 1Q Nixa 21 Clever 4

The Eagles are good.

End 1Q Bolivar 13 Catholic 8

Jay Osborne has Catholic competing hard with the Blue Division’s top seed. Kyle Pock has six points for the Liberators.

Final Ash Grove 67 Skyline 40

Brady Nicholson scores 27 points for the Pirates in a dominant opening-round win.

Final Marshfield 53 West Plains 49

Bryant Bull makes the go-ahead layup with over 20 seconds remaining. A blocked 3 at the other end advances Marshfield to the quarterfinals.

4Q 1:07 Marshfield 48 West Plains 47

Tegan Curley knocks down a 3 with just over a minute to go to give the Blue Jays a one-point lead. Marshfield ball after a turnover.

End 3Q West Plains 38 Marshfield 35

Going to have a fun finish at Greta Southern Bank Arena.

Halftime West Plains 27 Marshfield 17

Halftime Ash Grove 34 Skyline 17

Brady Nicholson caught fire in the second quarter and goes into halftime with 17 points thanks to a trio of 3’s. The Pirates’ defense has been very impressive this morning.

End 1Q West Plains 12 Marshfield 11

End 1Q Ash Grove 13 Skyline 6

Brady Nicholson has six points. Four different Pirates have scored.

1Q 4:40 Ash Grove 6 Skyline 2

The Pirates are a very enjoyable team to watch. Good defensively. Patient for a good shot offensively. They play with some tempo.


Opening day of the 2022 Blue and Gold Tournament is here with first-round action tipping off at Missouri State University.

My name is Wyatt Wheeler and I’m ready to cover my sixth-straight holiday classic — which will involve me having eyes on all 30 winners’ bracket games over the next four days. I’ll wander between Great Southern Bank Arena and Hammons Student Center to bring you all the action which will surely feature a ton of horrible, repetitive music.

This is one of my favorite things to cover every year and I know it’s one of your favorite things to follow as well. Keep refreshing this page throughout the day to get the latest updates, scores and results from the opening round.

Blue Division bracket

First-round games at Hammon’s Student Center

  • 9:30 am — No. 8 Ash Grove vs Skyline
  • 11 am — No. 1 Bolivar vs. Catholic
  • 12:30pm — No. 5 Sparta vs Mountain Grove
  • 2 pm – No. 4 Ozark vs Reeds Spring
  • 5 pm — No. 7 Hillcrest vs Spokane
  • 6:30pm — No. 2 Republic vs Stockton
  • 8 pm — No. 6 Camdenton vs Mount Vernon
  • 9:30pm — No. 3 Hartville vs Buffalo

The 2022 Blue Division bracket for the Blue and Gold Tournament.

Gold Division bracket

First-round games at Great Southern Bank Arena

  • 9:30 am — No. 8 Marshfield vs West Plains
  • 11 am — No. 1 Nixa vs Clever
  • 12:30pm — No. 5 Fair Grove vs Crane
  • 2 pm – No. 4 Parkview vs Branson
  • 5 pm — No. 7 Lebanon vs Willard
  • 6:30pm — No. 2 Logan Rogersville vs Ava
  • 8 pm — No. 6 Greenwood vs Willow Springs
  • 9:30pm — No. 3 Strafford vs Aurora

The Gold Division bracket for the 2022 Blue and Gold Tournament.

Wyatt D. Wheeler is a reporter and columnist with the Springfield News-Leader. You can contact him at 417-371-6987, by email at [email protected] or Twitter at @WyattWheeler_NL. He’s also the co-host of Sports Talk on Jock Radio weekdays from 4-6 pm

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