Math tutors needed across the Valley

FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) — The Fresno County Math Corps is taking action to help students across the Valley, but they need your help.

The company is looking for math tutors before the school year starts.

Jennifer Salinas still remembers the day she joined the California Math Corps.

“I was studying at Fresno City and I wanted to make a change,” said Salinas. “I wanted to make a difference for our students so that’s when I went online and I found out about math corps.”

Now in her second year of tutoring, it’s a position she doesn’t take lightly.

“Students need people like you who support them and care about their education,” said Salinas. “If you’re passionate about working with kids you can do great.”

Now with the new school year looming the company is looking for more math tutors and the spots are hard to fill.

“We have expanded this past year and have had trouble filling those math positions,” said Lead Project Manager Raymundo Gonzalez. “A lot of folks don’t feel comfortable with their math.”

Math Corps is looking to fill 25 positions across the Valley. Tutors will receive a stipend every 2 weeks as well as an education award to pay for college tuition or student loans.

“Anyone is capable. They have all the resources there for you,” said Salinas. “I think the most important part is you’re willing to try and you want to build those connections with students.”

The deadline to apply is August 10th. For application details visit their website.

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