Modesto warehouse fire causes losses for Salvation Army

The warehouse fire burned more than 100 large boxes filled with goods the Salvation Army uses to raise funds for a Stockton adult rehabilitation center.

STOCKTON, Calif. — A Stockton adult rehabilitation center run by the Salvation Army lost significant opportunities for funding when goods burned in a Modesto warehouse fire Thursday

Major Sylvan Young, business administrator of the adult rehabilitation program, said more than 100 large boxes the nonprofit charity sells through its thrift shops were lost to the fire.

“My biggest concern is how we’re going to make up that funding,” Young told ABC10. “We’re still processing this but in the coming weeks we’re all going to get together and talk about how to move forward.”

He said a worker called him about the fire, but they don’t know the specific cause. Young noted they suffered another fire just weeks prior.

A Modesto city spokesperson said the 4-alarm warehouse fire happened along the 4000 block of McHenry Avenue just after 2 pm The fire was ultimately contained to the warehouse area and no injuries were reported.

Click here to find details on donating to The Salvation Army in Stockton. For more information about how to donate to the Stockton adult rehabilitation center contact Major Sylvan Young at [email protected]

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