Northwest Fresno pottery business aims to help foster youth

Fresno, Calif. (KFSN) — A northwest Fresno pottery business is reaching out to help foster youth in our community.

Clay is the start of every experience at Good Dirt Pottery Studio in Northwest Fresno. The owners recently expanded their business to serve a growing customer base.

Almost two years after launching, they’re now focusing on providing a space for foster youth.

“Just a little bit of clay in these hands and we’re seeing all kinds of change in their lives,” Jorden Collins, Good Dirt Pottery Co-owner.

Jorden Collins is one of the founders of Good Dirt Pottery Studio.

She has been blown away that her dream of a business and serving others is coming to life.

The two co-owners came alongside Kasey Jackson to launch Good Dirt Collective.

“We want to get out in the community, tell people about the foster care crisis in our area and what they can do to help. One of those things is experiences of hope,” said Kasey Jackson, Good Dirt Collective Co-Founder.

People can sponsor a child or family with a monthly box.

“You will meet with that family and show up monthly with a box of hope. You can choose to put whatever you want in the box. Could be a family game night or a birthday party in a box,” Jackson said.

They are accepting financial donations for the program and also need mentors for foster youth.

All three women have been foster mothers.

“Our motto here at Good Dirt Collective is everyone needs good dirt to grow and we really believe if we give children the right soil, they will thrive and grow into all they were intended to be,” said Christy Manning, Good Dirt Pottery co- owner.

A greater calling to love and support foster youth.

To date, the program has helped more than 30 foster youth in our community. They’re teaching everything from hands-on lessons to mentoring. In the future, they hope to help even more.

For more information, visit their website.

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