Planada community aiding residents who need help now

PLANADA, Calif. (KFSN) — FEMA announced Sunday, it expects to have boots on the ground in the next couple of days. But that’s not stopping this community from stepping up and helping those family members and friends who need help now.

Sunday is day three of the family clean-up for Patty Mora and her family. Helping her elderly father, who tearfully walked away from us after we asked what happened to his home.

“He gets emotional. This is his hometown; this is where he came and raised his family. To see everything that they worked hard for, you know, be destroyed,”

Patty Mora’s dad has lived in his Planada home for over 50 years. Everything in his garage was damaged by the storm that flooded the town, including his two cars.

Mora said her dad didn’t know the town was at risk early Tuesday morning when it was already too late.

“He said when he came out to look at the window, it was just a flood. Like a river, just flowing through the yard,” said Mora.

Congressman John Duarte made his way to Planada Sunday morning. He is now seeing just how much help is needed.

“It’s time for FEMA to move,” said Congressman Duarte.

When it comes to seeking assistance, FEMA recommends you ask for a name badge when receiving help from a representative. Locally, residents are already rallying around each other.

Fabi Cervantes is a community volunteer, leading the group of other volunteers since Tuesday. She said she’s seen about 50 volunteers a day since they began. The volunteers have helped around 2,000 people since then. Everything from clothes to a hot meal, Cervantes says people in Planada need help.

“There’s a need here. Four feet of water here in Santa Fe, most homes, they are throwing everything out of their homes,” said Cervantes.

She said when federal help comes, she hopes the process is expedited for Planada residents.

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