Culver-Stockton students recognize MLK Day

CANTON, Mo. (WGEM) – While Martin Luther King Jr. Day is recognized nationally on Monday, Jan. 16, students of the Culver-Stockton College Black Student Union took Sunday evening (King’s actual birthday) to reflect.

Followed by a video of the famous “I Have a Dream” speech, students had an open discussion on who their favorite civil rights activist is and why.

Additionally, what the present day impacts of King’s efforts are.

BSU President Markia McCullough said the goal of Sunday’s meeting was for students to realize the holiday is much more than an extra day off from school.

“I would like people to get to know more than what is Martin Luther King Day, because we all know it’s a holiday, but what did Martin Luther King do for us and how is he a civil rights leader to us and how he inspired us ,” McCullough said.

The Black Student Union meets in the campus library every Sunday at 6 pm

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