Plans are in place to move the Sacramento Zoo to Elk Grove

SACRAMENTO — Plans are in place to move the Sacramento Zoo to a more spacious location in Elk Grove.

Although many people are excited about the zoo move, parents are looking forward to having the zoo close to home.

“Driving into Sacramento to go see the zoo can be a little bit of a pain. So having it here in town would be great,” said a parent who attended a listening session about the plans.

A zoo representative explain to CBS13 that guests will be able to go into the savanna and be surrounded by animals.

The zoo will have wild dogs, cheetahs, white rhinos, hippos, and a camp where you will be able to stay overnight at the zoo.

Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen said this about the zoo, “We really want to do our due diligence as a city to make sure that we hear from all of our residents.”

There are still several steps before the zoo opens, such as designing the zoo, an environmental review, and a financing plan.

City officials say the zoo could open in about five years if everything goes as planned.

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