Safe trick-or-treating to be offered in Stockton this Halloween

Parents by Choice will host the event for the 2nd year, giving parents a safer option to celebrate Halloween with the kids.

STOCKTON, Calif. — A foster youth organization in Stockton is hosting its 2nd annual safe-trick-treating event Oct. 28 at the Courthouse Plaza in downtown.

Parents by Choice, a local non-profit dedicated to serving foster youth children, will participate with local vendors and volunteers this year to offer a safe space for children and families to trick-or-treat this Halloween weekend.

“This is an alternative to being out on the street and it’s inside and it’s still happening during daylight hours,” said Parents by Choice founder and director, Tony Yadon. “What we’re trying to do is making sure that it’s a safe environment for kids and for families.”

The admission-free event will be held at the Courthouse Plaza in Downtown Stockton from 3 pm to 7 pm and will feature over 20 vendors offering candy to trick-or-treaters while selling goods and resources.

Games and other activities will also be available around the Courthouse Plaza for kids of all ages including the underground arcade and a “Haunted Alley” with different pathways depending on how scared guests want to be.

Yadon said guests are encouraged to dress up, but it is not mandatory and everyone of all ages in the community is invited to participate.

Part of the organization’s initiative for this event is to provide the underserved community of Stockton with a safer alternative to traditional trick-or-treating.

“We look for opportunity to serve the community, even if it doesn’t come back to benefit us directly,” Yadon said. “If we can put some smiles on folks faces and and have them enjoy their evening and do it in a safe environment, that’s really what we’re looking forward to.”

Businesses in the Courthouse Plaza including Plaza Perks Café and the gift shop where proceeds go toward serving foster youth.

Street parking in downtown is free after 5 pm and the Courthouse Plaza can validate parking passes for nearby lots for up to 30 minutes before that time.

Guests are encouraged to arrive early since last year attendance was in the hundreds and parking is limited, according to Yadon.

“To get that kind of foot traffic downtown, in the afternoon and evening, was fantastic,” Yadon said. “It was it was great, so we’re really looking forward to the next one.”

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