Steve-O of ‘Jackass’ brings his ‘Bucket List Tour’ to Stockton

Stand-up comedian, stunt performer and, of course, one of the “Jackass” stars Steve-O will be at the Bob Hope Theater as part of his “Steve-O: The Bucket List Tour.”

“Naughty, multimedia, and super original,” is how Steve-O described his tour show to The Record.

“Steve-O: The Bucket List Tour” is a multimedia stand-up comedy act that showcases shocking stunts on film.

Steve-O described it as “the most explosive video footage that would never be allowed on Jackass.”

But it also has its soft side.

Steve-O said the show brings up “the most unlikely love story” between him and his fiancée, the designer and stylist, Lux Wright who’s from Stockton. She will be in the audience during his Stockton show, he said.

Steve-O said the show shares stories about their relationship, such as when he knew she was “the one,” which happened to be right in the middle of a “Bucket List Tour” stunt he was performing. Wright is his “partner in crime” even when at times she might not be in favor of his daring stunts, he said.

The tour began earlier this month in Cheyenne, Wyoming. It comes to Stockton on Thursday. Just two days later, on Saturday, it will be at the Redding Civic Auditorium in Redding.

“My vision for the show was I’m going to do these forbidden stunts. You know, these stunts that were just too crazy to consider doing in the past and now I’m actually going to do them,” Steve-O said.

Steve-O’s move to “big theaters” follows 12 years of stand-up comedy at comedy clubs.

“I was just kind of quietly grinding on the comedy club circuit for over a decade … as I developed the craft of the storytelling and the stand-up, like my worlds, just kind of gradually converged,” Steve-O said.

His Stockton show is one of the few shows in the US tour that is not already sold out.

“It will be my first time coming to Stockton … my opener in Stockton is the controversial Bam Margera,” he said.

“Jackass” star Margera, who in December survived a serious case of COVID-19, also wants to open other shows in California, including those in Redding and Santa Rosa.

The show consists of about 10 different videos filmed for the tour. There will be no actual live stunts. But as Steve-O shares, the most “absurd” stories on stage that no one would ever believe are possibly true. He will then share with the audience “the receipts” that they did in fact happen.

“The bar for the stunts is so high that it would be an absolute insult to try to do anything live on stage that could meet that standard,” he said.

The event is for adults only and is classified as X-rated, or as Steve-O describes it, “properly triple X rated.”

Aside from stand-up comedy and stunts, Steve-O recently released his second book, “A Hard Kick in the Nuts: What I’ve Learned from a Lifetime of Terrible Decisions.”

He summed it up as “uncomfortably intimate and revealing and juicy.”

“There’s nobody doing anything like this,” Steve-O said.

If you go:

When: 7 pm Thursday, Jan 26

Where: Bob Hope Theater, 242 E. Main St.

Admission: $32+


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