Unity at the center of Mom’s Football 101 event

The Fort Stockton ISD football program and head coach/athletic director Jeremy Hickman will hold the program’s first ever Mom’s Football 101 event this evening.

The reason behind the event – unity and relationship building.

“Unity is the secret to the culture we’re trying to establish,” Hickman said. “It’s about a time for a mom and son to enjoy a game he loves and do it together. She gets a little taste of what he goes through with him right by her side. We’re also taking the time to talk to them as coaches about the roles of moms in our football program.”

During his time coaching at Kerrville ISD, Hickman and Coach Jones began the Mom’s Football 101 event in 2013 primarily for educational purposes and that since has evolved into relationship/culture building.

“The first time it was too much, showed film and it was too much. Talking to the moms throughout the years we shortened it up into a crisper way of doing things that really the focal point is the mom and son relationship, not necessarily teaching a bunch of football,” he said.

Mothers of football players will go through a variety of activities over the course of an hour and a half (7-8:30 pm) with their sons. They will be introduced to the coaching staff, be taught the team’s breakout, go through a short warm-up, participate individual drills for their son’s particular position group, and a team session before concluding with one on one time with their son.

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