Voting Centers officially open across Fresno County

FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) — Election day is around the corner and voting centers across the state are officially open. You don’t have to wait until November 6 if you want to cast your ballot in person.

On Saturday, ten vote centers opened across the Valley and will remain open every day, including weekends, until election day. All voters are welcome, even if it’s not the closest to their home.

“It’s time for you to be able to make your choice,” said James Kus, Fresno County Clerk. “Maybe they damaged their original return envelope. Maybe they mismarked their ballot and are coming in to ask for a new ballot,” said Kus. “That’s perfectly ok. We will help you get that ballot, whether you want to vote there in-person or take it home.”

If you haven’t registered yet, there’s still time to make your vote count.

“We are actually getting some voters now that haven’t gotten the chance to register yet. They can register today, same-day registration. Register at a vote center,” explained Kus. “Your ballot does need to go through a little review but we will get it counted.”

Whatever the reason you are choosing to vote in person, election officials recommend going ahead on election day if you want to avoid lines.

“You go out this weekend or next weekend, you are going to have our workers falling over themselves to help you out,” said Kus.

Voters also have the option to drop off ballots at one of the county’s dozens of ballot drop boxes.

Ballots are collected by election office workers every 24 hours.

With the election just days away, Fresno County law enforcement is urging people to report any intimidation or voter fraud.

“Anyone who tries to interfere with someone trying to vote legally will not be tolerated,” said Fresno County Sheriff Margeret Mims.

Voter fraud complaints can be reported to [email protected] or by calling (559) 600-8683.

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