What McDonald’s has said about opening in Stockton Heath

A FAST food giant has responded to rumors about opening a site in Stockton Heath.

NatWest on London Road closed in September due to the ‘dramatic change’ in the way that people bank.

At the time, the firm claimed that closing a branch is ‘always a difficult’ and not a decision that is ever ‘taken lightly’.

It joined Lloyds, Barclays and HSBC which all moved out of the village in recent years, leaving no bank for residents to use.

And since its closure, residents have been left wondering what will take its place.

From McDonald’s to Papa John’s, there have been many rumors about what kind of business will move into the empty site – which is now up for sale for £525,000.

But a spokesperson for McDonald’s told the Warrington Guardian that the Stockton Heath building isn’t a site that they are ‘looking into’ at the moment.

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