What you need to know before your weekend trip to the snow in Fresno County

FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) — Picturesque views and clear skies will attract many visitors to the mountains this weekend.

If playing in the freshly falling snow is part of your plans, the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office is warning you to be prepared.

“Just be smart, put your car in place where it should be, where it’s not going to get towed or side-swiped. Your family is not going to be in danger crossing a major road,” said Tony Botti, a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office.

The four-lane on Highway 168 has reopened with one-way traffic near the rockslide.

However, Auberry Road near Alder Springs remains closed.

While the roads may look clear now, officials want to remind you that it’s still required for you to carry chains in your car.

Josh Hoggatt pulled over to remove the chains from his tires as he was heading down from Huntington Lake.

“It’s annoying I have to stop and do it, but safety first. Definitely with my kids in the car, I don’t want to slide off the mountain,” said Hoggart.

On Friday, Shaver Lake Sports was busy with rentals, snow equipment purchases, and selling SNO-PARK passes.

Permits are $15 dollars for the day or $40 for the season.

The prices for the permit are much lower than the $94 dollar fine for getting caught without one.

Mario Aguilera, who drove up from Visalia, says taking a trip to the snow is a tradition for his family.

They made sure to bring their sleds. He was having so much, he jokingly encouraged others to stay home.

“I don’t recommend driving up today. It’s dangerous, just stay home and where it’s safe. And we will rough it out here,” said Aguilera.

Officials recommend you to get out early to beat the traffic, be safe, and have fun.

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