Culver-Stockton College prepares future teachers

CANTON, MO. (WGEM) – Culver-Stockton held their annual mini education major conference.

The conference is designed to help their education major students to decide if they want to pursue a career in education.

It also helps students network and learn from teachers who are already in the workforce.

“Any opportunity that students have to engage with somebody that has real world experience is a very valuable thing. I think those connections are very important,” said Chaddock Creative Arts Coordinator Nick Sorrill.

This is the 15th year the college held this conference.

Over the years, professors said this program has giving students the tools they need to be teachers.

“It helps us teach those subjects that we may not get to learn in the classroom,” said Culver-Stockton Senior Andrew Myers. “Knowing these mini things that you can learn to incorporate in your class is very helpful.”

Myers said even though it’s scary to go into teaching right now, he’s confident in the career choice that he chose.

“It’s just scary to be a coming up teacher because we see a lot of teachers quitting,” Myers said. “I think it’s also empowering because we’re the next voice, we’re going to make the new laws for education, we’re going to the one’s driving this forward.”

Teachers like Sorrill taught the students how they can be successful when they become teachers.

“Stay positive and remember to take care of yourself,” Sorrill said. “It’s very challenging to put your best foot forward and be there for those who are in your care if you’re not taking care of yourself.”

The college will have an extended conference for education majors March 13 through 17.

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