Valley educators start GoFundMe to help buy school supplies

Fresno, Calif. (KFSN) — As Valley teachers stock up on supplies for the school year, the costs keep climbing, and many of them are turning to sites like GoFundMe for help.

“It’s costing me $500, $600 just to get things started this school year,” said Visalia Unified teacher Aaron Pfitzer.

Pfitzer says starting a new school year always comes with a hefty price tag.

“Just to get started with all new art supplies, all new papers and pencils can get costly,” said Pfitzer.

While teachers do get a budget from the district, with the rising costs of supplies, it’s not always enough.

“I have a lot of kids. Last year, I had 23. This year, I have 32,” added Pfitzer. “I had to super increase the amount of notebooks.”

So Pfitzer started a GoFundMe.

“I know people do Amazon wish lists, but it was so close to the school year that I didn’t,” said Pfitzer. “Somethings I can wait. Other things, I need tomorrow, so I decided to do a Gofundme.”

It’s something he sees more often among the teaching community.

“I’m not the only teacher doing this,” said Pfitzer. “I have friends doing the same thing.”

A search through GoFundMe will show you many Valley teachers are doing the same thing. For Aaron, he says the donations made all the different and now, any extra funds are going towards educational games for the students.

“I think it’s cool to see how generous people are,” said Pfitzer. “The goal is to definitely get some board games and math games. That’s the big thing – especially math games.”

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